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Please Let Me Know

Please Let Me Know if something is missing.Class SignUp-1

I’ve used YouTube extensively for the musical examples on this site, but clips can be often be pulled or deleted from YouTube without notice or explanation. I try to keep up to date, but since I have over a hundred such clips in use, I’m bound to miss a few. So if you find a link in one of my presentations that no longer works, please use Comments to let me know about it so I can replace it.


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  1. caroljwelch says:

    Please add follow-up requests to previous posts. Thank you. Carol Welch

  2. caroljwelch says:

    Don and/or Rita: What a wonderful resource! I found you from listening to Lawrence Tibbett on YouTube. Would you happen to know anything about his family? I would like to offer them a fan scrapbook on him kept by my grandmother, who was a schoolfriend of his. I believe that his sons have passed, and that the next generation knows little or nothing about him. Anything that you mighr know would be a big help. Thank you for all of your wonderful work. Carol Welch

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