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About Me

DC2.jpgI was twelve years old in 1946 when my mother took me to see The Jolson Story at the Tower Theater in Sacramento, California and I was overwhelmed by Jolson’s effulgent personality and the warmth of his voice. First loves are forever and to this day I am a sucker for a great voice.

I originally intended to be a commercial artist. I attended The Art Center College in Los Angeles then, as young men often do, became sidetracked and worked in a steel mill, attempted an unsuccessful career as a popular singer, drove a tourist limousine, managed a Good Humor Ice Cream branch, and was General Manager of The Magic Castle in Hollywood before spending the next 46 years with Executive Car Leasing in Los Angeles.

I became addicted to recorded opera in 1970 and the passion has never diminished. Other interests? Photography, computers, and reading (biographies, U.S. History and early American vaudeville.) After the death of my wife in 2010, I moved to Aurora, Colorado where I live as quietly as my somewhat gregarious nature allows.

Oh. My name is Don Culp