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Artists Index

Back again by popular demand! Here is a list of all the artists currently represented on this site. Some have their own posts, some are included as part of a group. Personally, I’d prefer that you simply scroll down and find your favorite because on the way you might come across something equally interesting. But if you would rather, you can just type a name in the search box on the right and press Enter.

Anderson, Marian
Aramondi, Vittorio (see “creators”)
Auger, Arlene
Battistini, Mattia
Bellencioni, Gemma (see “Creators”)
Bergonzi, Carlo
Bjorling, Jussi
Borge, Victor
Butt, Clara
Caballe, Monserrat
Callas, Maria
Caruso, Enrico
Chaliapin, Feodor
Coccoza, Alfredo (Mario Lanza)
Corelli, Franco
Darclee, Harrieta (see “Creators”)
De Hidalgo, Elvira
De Los Angeles, Victoria
Destinn. Emmy
Elzy, Ruby
Ershov, Ivan
Farrar, Geraldine
Farrell, Eileen
Ferrani, Cesiria (see “Creators”)
Flagstad, Kirstin
Garden, Mary
Galli-Curci, Amelita
Gedda, Nicolai
Gigli, Beniamoni
Gobbi, Tito
Hayes, Roland
Jolson, Al
Kaye, Danny
Kirstin, Dorothy
Kraus, Alfredo
Lawrence, Marjorie
Lehman, Lotte
Lehmann, Lily (see “creators”)
Licitra, Salvatore
Martinelli, Giovanni
Mason, Edith
Maurel, Victor
Melba, Nellie
Melchior, Lauritz
Merrill, Robert
Mesple, Mady
Moore, Grace
Muzio, Claudia
Patti, Adelina
Piccaver, Alfred
Pinza, Ezio
Pons, Lily
Ponselle, Rosa
Popp, Lucia
Price, Leontyne
Quartararo, Florence
Raisa, Rosa (see “Creators”)
Rethberg, Elisabeth
Robeson, Paul
Ruffo, Titta
Russell, Anna
Sayao, Bidu
Schipa, Tito
Schmidt, Joseph
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine
Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth
Sills, Beverly
Slezak, Leo
Stehele, Adelina (see “creators”)
Stratas, Teresa
Suliotis, Elena
Supervia, Conchita
Sutherland, Joan
Tamagno, Francesco (see “creators”)
Tauber, Richard
Tebaldi, Renata
Tetrazzini, Luisa
Tibbett, Lawrence
Traubel, Helen
Treigle, Norman
Troyanos, Tatiana
Tucker, Richard
Verrett, Shirley
Vickers, Jon
Wunderlich, Fritz

2 Responses to Artists Index

  1. Don says:

    He is living and active. Which is what all of the artists on my site are not.
    But he is great.

  2. jakkori says:

    Where is the great Bryn Terfel Mr Culp?

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