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My Mission Statement

I created diarci.com (the name is from my initials: DRC) thinking to offer those unfamiliar with opera an introduction to a variety of singers in hopes of tempting them to explore further and possibly learn to love the music that I love. Those more knowledgable may, I hope, simply enjoy listening to some great singing. I felt some basic biographical information was needed but I don’t for a moment consider the sketches presented as more than minimal. I hope you will be stimulated to want to learn more.

My definition of great singing, by the way, is not only producing a thrilling and unique sound, but communicating feelings and emotions . I would include in my pantheon Maria Callas, Rosa Ponselle, Frank Sinatra, Jussi Bjorling, Joan Baez, and Al Jolson but not Mick Jagger or Andrea Bocelli because however dynamic or charming they may be, they are essentially performers, not artists and, more important, they lack truly great voices.

Hey, it’s my website, my preferences.

One comment is in order here. There was a habit prevalent in the 1920’s and 1930’s films of constantly cutting away from the artist to show adoring faces listening or watching. Apparently the movie audience was not trusted to determine on their own just how good the performer was. Most annoying. I think Fred Astaire was the first performer to have a clause in his contract specifying that the camera could not cut away from him during a musical number. Good for him!