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Opera on YouTube

YouTube is an indispensable source for anyone who loves opera. A seemingly endless variety of performances, audio and video, are available there and I strongly encourage you to browse the selections. I have included several YouTube links in my posts and, when available (try Amazon) I urge you to buy the source CD’s or DVD’s.

But many items on YouTube are out of print or were never available commercially. There are several Freeware utilities that allow you to download these items to your hard drive. My favorite is YouTube Catcher, a free application which allows downloads in either audio or video format and has many options as well. Try it. Go to www.atube-catcher.dsnetwb.com and download the latest version.
For Mac users, try either YTD Download at www.ytddownloader.com or MACX Downloader at www.macxdvd.com. Both are free.